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April 15, 2020

Catching up on lots of new recent (COVID-free) sentencing and punishment scholarship

As I have been consumed with COVID criminal justice issues over the last month, I have fallen behind in spotlighting new sentencing and punishment scholarship that has been posted to SSRN. I will seek to catch up for lost time with this lengthy post linking to a lot of the newer (but non-COVID) postings in alphabetical order:

Actuarial Risk Assessment at Sentencing: Potential Consequences for Mass Incarceration and Legitimacy by Michael M. O'Hear

Athenian Forgiveness, American Erinyes: The Brutality of American Capital Punishment by Michael Shammas

Categorical Nonuniformity by Sheldon Evans

(De)carceral Jail Administration by Aaron Littman

Gundy and the Civil-Criminal Divide by Jenny Roberts

(How Much) Do Mandatory Minimums Matter? by Stephanie Holmes Didwania

How Much is Too Much? A Test to Protect Against Excessive Fines by Daniel Harawa

Life Without Parole as Death Without Dignity by Brittany Deitch

Life Without Parole Sentencing by Brandon L. Garrett, Karima Modjadidi, Kristen Renberg and Travis Seale-Carlisle

Long-Term Incarceration and the Moral Limits of Punishment by Jacob Bronsther

Place, Race, and Variations in Federal Criminal Justice Practices by Mona Lynch

Supreme Court Clerks and the Death Penalty by Matthew Tokson

The Uncertain Future of Felon Disenfranchisement by Bruce E. Cain and Brett Parker

The Washington State Second Chance Expungement Gap by Colleen V. Chien, Zuyan Huang, Jacob Kuykendall and Katie Rabago

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