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April 1, 2020

Check out and cite all (now free) Federal Sentencing Reporter content

The academic publisher of the Federal Sentencing Reporter, University of California Press, has responded to the impact of the coronavirus crisis by making all UC Press online journal content free to everyone through June 2020.  I am grateful to UC Press for this move, and it dawned on me that it might be useful to flag some content from some recent FSR issues that might be useful for judges and lawyers working on challenging sentencing issues during these challenging times:

Some Recent Federal Sentencing Pieces

A Good Sentencing Precedent is Hard to Find by Brian A. Jacobs (Feb 2020)

Sentencing in Chaos: How Statistics Can Harmonize the “Discordant Symphony” by Mark H. Allenbaugh (Feb 2020)

Consensus, Compassion, and Compromise? The First Step Act and Aging Out of Crime by Jalila Jefferson-Bullock (Dec 2019)

Second Looks at Sentences under the First Step Act by Sarah French Russell (Dec 2019)

Reflections on “Rewriting the Sentence” by Hanna Liebman Dershowitz (Oct 2019)

The Tyranny of the Trial Penalty: The Consensus that Coercive Plea Practices Must End by Norman L. Reimer and Martin Antonio Sabelli (Apr/June 2019)

Looking in the Mirror: The Prosecutor’s Role in Ending Mass Incarceration by Chiraag Bains (Feb 2018)


Some Recent Prison Pieces

Beyond First Steps: Reforming the Federal Bureau of Prisons by Shon Hopwood (Dec 2018)

Understanding Federal “Restrictive Housing Unit” Environments by Jack T. Donson and Keramet Reiter (Dec 2018)

How Many Americans are Unnecessarily Incarcerated? by James Austin, Lauren-Brooke Eisen, James Cullen, Jonathan Frank, Inimai Chettiar and Cornell William Brooks (Dec 2016/Feb 2017)

Transforming Prisons, Restoring Lives: Final Recommendations of the Charles Colson Task Force on Federal Corrections (excerpted) (June 2016)

Projecting Recidivism Rates for Federal Drug Offenders Released Early from Prison by Matthew G. Rowland (April 2016)

This is just a small slice of many hundreds of article now freely available at this FSR page thanks to US Press. The top of the FSR pages includes an effective search box so that users can readily find articles and other materials on whatever topics are of particular interest.

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