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April 3, 2020

Latest BOP numbers with ever growing number of COVID cases (and deaths) in ever growing number of federal facilities

Last Friday (March 27) as detailed in this post, the BOP's COVID-19 Update page was reporting "only" 14 federal inmates and 13 federal prison staffers had tested positive for COVID-19.  This Friday (April 3), BOP has updated its cases reporting that 91 federal inmates and 50 federal prison staffers have tested positive.  Here is where these latest BOP numbers come from:

(Inmate) 4/03/2020 - USP Atlanta (5); MDC Brooklyn; FCI Butner Low (7); FMC Butner; FCI Butner Medium I (3); USP Canaan; FCI Danbury (20); FCI Elkton (2); FCI Forrest City Low (2); USP Lompoc (14); MCC New York (4); FCI Oakdale I (18); FCI Otisville; FCI Yazoo City Medium (4); FCI Yazoo City Low; RRC Brooklyn, NY (4); RRC Janesville, WI; RRC Phoenix, AZ; FLM Guam.

(Staff) 4/03/2020 - Atlanta, GA (3); Brooklyn, NY (4); Butner, NC; Chicago, IL (3); Danbury, CT (6); Lisbon (Elkton), OH; Forrest City, AR; Leavenworth, KS (no inmate contact); Lompoc, CA (2); Milan, MI; New York, NY (5); Oakdale, LA (4); Otisville, NY; Ray Brook, NY (6); Talladega, AL (3); Tucson, AZ; Yazoo, MS (2); Central Office, Washington, DC; Grand Prairie Office Complex, Grand Prairie, TX; Southeast Regional Office, Atlanta, GA.

By my count, this list shows 19 different federal prison facilities with inmates who have tested positive and 20 different communities with federal prison staff who have tested positive.  And, as I have said before, there is every reason to fear that these numbers represent the tip of big iceberg.  Plus, as news reports reveal, at least seven federal inmates have dies from COVID-19:

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