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April 6, 2020

Reviewing more headlines from more states about coronavirus cases among prisoners and prison staff

Just three weeks ago, starting with posts here and here, I began flagging new reports of prisoners and staffers testing positive for COVID-19 in multiple states.  Now, sadly, I suspect there is not a state in the nation that does not some have COVID cases somewhere within its correctional populations or staff.  Here is a round up of just some of the headlines I saw from some jurisdictions this morning (with a bit of extra emphasis on states I have not noted before in these round-ups):

Federal: "Inmates, Staff On Edge As COVID-19 Spreads Through Federal Prisons"

Alabama: "Alabama prison system’s COVID-19 plan anticipates widespread infection, deaths, National Guard intervention"

Florida: "‘Ticking time bomb:’ Florida acknowledges first inmate coronavirus case — and then a second"

Illinois: "Cook County Jail Now Reports 234 Inmates Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus"

Kansas: "Lansing prison announces more COVID-19 cases"

Michigan: "Why coronavirus is running rampant in Michigan prisons

New Hampshire: "Employee at NH State Prison for Men tests positive for COVID-19, officials say"

New Jersey: "Inmate says she was left ‘basically for dead’ in room at N.J. prison after getting sick amid coronavirus outbreak"

New York: "First Rikers virus-positive fatality was jailed on technicality"

North Carolina: "7 state prison inmates in NC have now tested positive for COVID-19"

Ohio: "Ohio inmate alleges COVID-19 outbreak in prison, lack of testing, threats of retaliation"

South Carolina: "Inmate at SC jail tests positive for coronavirus, 35 more in isolation, cops say"

Tennessee: "First state prison inmate tests positive"

Texas: "Texas Dept of Criminal Justice provides update on COVID-19 cases in prisons"

Virginia: "13 confirmed cases of inmates with the coronavirus in Virginia state facilities"

I remain depressingly confident that this is a woefully incomplete the COVID-19 challenges that are likely facing every jurisdiction in the US.

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