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April 3, 2020

Tracking ever growing number of prisoner and prison staff deaths due to COVID-19

Exactly a month ago, via this post, I first flagged how the looming threat of the coronavirus could be especially worrisome for incarcerated populations and all the workers at jails and prisons.  Two weeks ago, starting with posts here and here, I began flagging new reports of prisoners and staffers testing positive for COVID-19 in multiple states.  Now, sadly, the predictable next stage of this pubic health tragedy has arrived in the form of multiple reports from multiple location of prisoners and staff dying from COVID-19:


Federal: "4 Inmates Dead from Coronavirus as Outbreak Spirals at Louisiana Federal Prison"

Federal: "First inmate death related to coronavirus at eastern Ohio prison"


California: "Sheriff's deputy dies from coronavirus, got infected by inmate"

Colorado: "El Paso County Deputy Becomes Colorado’s Youngest Coronavirus Death"

Georgia: "Lee State Prison inmate dies of Covid-19"

Illinois: "1st Illinois prison inmate dies of COVID-19, health officials say"

Massachusetts; "First Massachusetts Inmate Dies From COVID-19"

Michigan: "First Michigan prison employee dies from coronavirus, 24 others test positive"

New Jersey: "Hudson County jail correctional officer, 56, dies from coronavirus, police union says"

New York: "Sing Sing Prison Inmate With Coronavirus Dies As Defense Lawyers Demand Release Of Vulnerable Prisoners"


Sadly, I am depressingly confident that this is an incomplete list of staff and inmates already felled by COVID-19 and that in the weeks ahead it will be impossible to do a round-up like this without including just about every jurisdiction in the US.

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