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May 8, 2020

Another robust week for COVID-influenced federal sentence reductions using § 3582(c)(1)(A)

In recent posts (here and here and here and here and here and here and more linked below), I have highlighted many, many rulings involving COVID-influenced grants of sentence reductions using § 3582(c)(1)(A) that I have found via Westlaw.  I have received positive feedback concerning these prior posts from various quarters, and so I will continue these periodic posts as we continue to see these kinds of grants.  (And, as I have said often, my Westlaw listings likely do not represent all sentence reductions being granted by the federal courts these days.) 

Though rulings for Friday, May 8 do not yet appear on Westlaw, this week has already brought an extra long list of new grants of sentence reductions (a few of which were from last week but just recently showed up on Westalw):  

United States v. Hansen, No. 17 CR 50062, 2020 WL 2219068 (ND Ill. May 7, 2020)

United States v. Amarrah, No. 17-20464, 2020 WL 2220008 (ED Mich. May 7, 2020)

United States v. Howard, No. 4:15-CR-00018-BR, 2020 WL 2200855 (ED NC May 6, 2020)

Casey v. United States, No. 4:18-cr-4, 2020 WL 2297184 (ED Va. May 6, 2020)

United States v. Quintero, No. 08-CR-6007L, 2020 WL 2175171 (WDNY May 6, 2020)

United States v. Reid, No. 17-cr-00175-CRB-2, 2020 WL 2128855 (ND Cal. May 5, 2020)

United States v. Moskowitz, No. 11-CR-793-1 (WFK), 2020 WL 2187770 (EDNY May 5, 2020)

United States v. Pabon, No. 17-165-1, 2020 WL 2112265 (D Mass. May 4, 2020)

United States v. Echevarria, No. 3:17-cr-44 (MPS), 2020 WL 2113604 (D Conn. May 4, 2020)

United States v. Early, No. 09 CR 282, 2020 WL 2112371 (ND Ill. May 4, 2020)

United States v. Ardila, No. 3:03-cr-264 (SRU), 2020 WL 2097736 (D Conn. May 1, 2020)

United States v. Soto, No. 1:18-cr-10086-IT, 2020 WL 2104787 (D Mass. May 1, 2020)

United States v. Kelly, No. 3:13-CR-59-CWR-LRA-2, 2020 WL 2104241 (SD Miss. May 1, 2020)

United States v. Fischman, No. 16-cr-00246-HSG-1, 2020 WL 2097615 (ND Cal. May 1, 2020)

United States v. Norris, No. 7:19-cr-36-BO-2, 2020 WL 2110640 (ED NC Apr. 30, 2020)

As I have said before, It is heartening to see these types of rulings from coast-to-coast and lots of places in-between.  I am hopeful, whenever life calms down a bit, that I might be able to assess and analyze in some way whether there are some broader trend and themes to be found in these grants (as well as in denials of these motions).  For now though, I have to be content with just listing the grants and being pleased there continue to be grants to list.

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