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May 8, 2020

Book-ending the work week with another round of recent pieces on our current COVID prison state

In this post on Monday, I started the work week with extended round up of more than a dozen notable stories and pieces of commentary on the state of incarceration nation as the coronavirus continues to spread.  Unsurprisingly, the week has brought more good reads in this disconcerting oeuvre, and here is just a sample:

Press Coverage:

From the Associated Press, "America’s business of prisons thrives even amid a pandemic"

From Colorado Public Radio, "Prisoners Write About COVID-19: ‘Who Cares When The Disposable Die?’"

From National Public Radio, "Prisons, Jails And The Pandemic: How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Incarcerated"

From Reason, "Lawmakers Call Out Cuomo and Other Governors for Letting Prisoners Die of COVID-19"

From Slate/The Marshall Project, "COVID-19 Has Trapped Thousands of Parolees In Prison: They’ve been cleared to go home, yet they’re stuck in prison as the virus spreads."

From The Wichita Eagle, "‘I feel like I’m in a tomb.’ In Kansas prisons, COVID-19 kindles festering problems"


By Michael Cindrich, "Want to stop coronavirus spread in prisons, jails and detention centers? Let some inmates go."

By Tana Ganeva, "America’s Crowded Prisons Are About To Create A Coronavirus Crisis In Rural America"

Marc Levin and Kelli Rhee, "Don’t ignore prisons and jails in COVID-19 response"

By Norman Reimer, Jonathan Smith, Kevin Ring and Steven Salky, "Reducing the Spread of COVID-19 Through the Power to Reprieve"

By Alice Speri, "Mass Incarceration Poses A Uniquely American Risk In The Coronavirus Pandemic"

By Wesley Williams, "The Cruel Irony of Social Distancing When You’re Stuck in Solitary"

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