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May 21, 2020

"Evidence-Based Sentencing Reform: The Right Policy For Ohio"

The title of this post is the title of this short white paper authored by Andrew Geisler of The Buckeye Institute.  Here is how it starts and concludes:

Senate Bill 3 proposes commonsense and comprehensive reforms to Ohio drug sentencing law.  The bill seeks to hold those in the business of selling drugs accountable for their conduct, while ensuring those convicted of nonviolent drug possession get the treatment that they need.  To do that, the bill reclassifies some offenses and changes the drug quantities required to convict for others. The bill relies upon extensive data-driven research on the habits of drug users and dealers, and adopts drug-quantity thresholds largely consistent with the Ohio Criminal Justice Recodification Committee’s 2017 recommendations.  Modeled on the committee’s approach and recommendations, Senate Bill 3 takes significant strides toward making Ohio’s drug-sentencing laws more effective, flexible, and just....

Senate Bill 3 reforms Ohio’s drug sentencing laws without making it easier to traffic drugs.  The bill takes a commonsense, evidence-based approach to ensure that Ohio law adequately reflects the complex nature of addiction and drug trafficking by providing treatment for those possessing drugs and by continuing to hold drug traffickers accountable for their crimes.

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