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May 17, 2020

Still more grants, so why not yet another listing of COVID-influenced federal sentence reductions using § 3582(c)(1)(A)

In recent posts here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here more linked below, I have highlighted a number of the many, many COVID-influenced grants of sentence reductions using § 3582(c)(1)(A).   I keep receiving positive feedback concerning these prior posts from various quarters, and so I will keep reporting on these kinds of rulings every time I discover a dozen or more.   

I have noticed that new ruling from the prior week often appear on Monday and Tuesday, so this list is likely just a partial accounting of recent grants of sentence reductions to show up on Westlaw this morning.  Still, I like to do a round up before the latest list of new grants of sentence reductions gets too long, and so here is a list based on rulings since my last posting from just last Wednesday: 

United States v. Brooks, No. 07-cr-20047-JES-DGB, 2020 WL 2509107 (CD Ill. May 15, 2020)

United States v. Gonzalez, No. 3:17-cr-00062 (JAM), 2020 WL 2511427 (D Conn. May 15, 2020)

United States v. Lopez, No. 18-CR-2846 MV, 2020 WL 2489746 (D N.M. May 14, 2020)

United States v. Mattingley, No. 6:15-cr-00005, 2020 WL 2499707 (WD Va. May 14, 2020)

United States v. Williams, No. 06 CR 451-10, 2020 WL 2494645 (ND Ill. May 14, 2020)

United States v. Ginsberg, No. 14 CR 462, 2020 WL 2494643 (ND Ill. May 14, 2020)

United States v. Handy, No. 3:10-cr-128-8 (RNC), 2020 WL 2487371 (D Conn. May 14, 2020)

United States v. Arey, No. 5:05-cr-00029, 2020 WL 2464796 (WD Va. May 13, 2020)

United States v. Kubinski, No. 3:93-CR-28-1H, 2020 WL 2475859 (ED N.C May 13, 2020)

United States v. Sedge, No. 16-cr-537(KAM), 2020 WL 2475071 (EDNY May 13, 2020)

United States v. Gutman, No. RDB-19-0069, 2020 WL 2467435 (D Md. May 13, 2020)

United States v. Cassidy, No. 17-CR-116S, 2020 WL 2465078 (WDNY May 13, 2020)

United States v. Scott, No. 95-202-CCB-2, 2020 WL 2467425 (D Md. May 13, 2020)

I have mentioned in a number of prior posts that I am confident that these Westlaw listings likely do not represent all sentence reductions being granted by federal courts these days. Proof of this reality comes via this new Law360 article headlined "Manafort's Release Helps Spring Ex-NFL Lineman From Prison." Here is the start of this article reporting on a ruling not (eyt?) on Westlaw:

Citing the compassionate release of former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, a federal judge said Friday that a former NFL lineman should be able to serve the rest of his prison sentence for a $2.5 million real estate fraud scheme in home confinement to protect him from COVID-19.

U.S. District Judge Mark L. Wolf's bench ruling puts Robert "Bubba" Pena in line to be released from Federal Medical Center, Devens, the central Massachusetts prison. Pena has argued his age, 70, and the fact he is black make him more likely to face serious complications if he contracted the virus.  Pena has pointed to research showing that black Americans are dying at a disproportionately high rate from the virus, likely due to underlying economic and health factors.

Prior recent related posts since lockdowns:

UPDATE: I mentioned above that new rulings from the prior week often seem to appear on Westlaw on Monday.  Sure enough, here are a few more grants I noticed as of Monday morning:

United States v. Pomante, No. 19-20316, 2020 WL 2513095 (ED Mich. May 15, 2020)

United States v. Sholler, No. 17-cr-00181-SI-1, 2020 WL 2512416 (ND Cal. May 15, 2020)

United States v. Young, No. 4:16-40036-TSH, 2020 WL 2514673 (D Mass. May 15, 2020)

United States v. Lee, No. 19-cr-00419-SI-1, 2020 WL 2512415 (ND Cal. May 15, 2020)

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Notice None are from Texas, 8 Prisoners died at the Men's FMC Carswell, a women's medical center is down the road, Packed wall to wall in overpopulation, unfortunately sentenced on the "ghost drug" charge. Women who are serving decades in prison with no evidence but words are being denied left and right by Judge Mcbryde, the 89 year hangman judge, who states in most denials, He would not grant them comp. release even if they qualified. (He will not send anyone home who is under 65, even though the medical part of the First Step act has no age limit. This "Ghost drug charge the Fed. Gov. keeps throwing at people because they are too lazy to catch people with actual drugs has got to stop, check out the case of Kyle Killough, he was sentenced to life on a ghost charge by Mcbryde, even though he was in prison on the dates the "co-conspirator" stated the transactions occurred. When Killough 's lawyer told the judge this, Mcbryde said what he always says, "Well just because the dates are wrong, it doesn't mean it didn't happen" Anyone else see something unconstitutionally wrong with this whole deal? Killough won a Certificate of appealability and now will be resentenced down from 45 Kilos (life) to 1000 ounces by Mcbryde. This judge is someone who loves to give people decades in prison, also adding everyone with enhancements so they don't qualify for extra earned time off, did you live in a house? You Get, "Maintaining a residence! Did you ask anyone to drive you somewhere, you get, "A supervisory enhancement" 17 years for first offense, Bye!

Posted by: Elisia Sciretta | May 17, 2020 11:58:07 PM

Have you seen any modifications of sentence to home confinement while a defendant is still on pre-trial release? (So like, preemptive compassionate release, rather than just an extension of a surrender date)?

Posted by: Krate | Jul 26, 2020 1:09:09 PM

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