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June 1, 2020

Free download available for "360 Federal Crimes: elements and defenses"

Ed Hagen, who served as Assistant Director at the US Department of Justice Office of Legal Education, sent me this email:

I thought that your readers would be interested to know that for the next three days, June 1-3, the Kindle version of 360 Federal Crimes - Elements and Defenses is a *free* download.

360 FEDERAL CRIMES is a 550-page field guide that covers the 360 most commonly charged federal crimes, including narcotics, firearms, immigration, money laundering, conspiracy, civil rights, racketeering, wire fraud, and identity fraud.

It covers the elements, required mental states, defenses, definitions, DOJ policies, and sentence enhancements.  There is a special emphasis on issues that are not apparent from the statutes, including Pinkerton liability, the Apprendi rule, the official restraint doctrine, the categorical approach, hub-and-spoke conspiracies, entrapment, and much more.

The book also includes a 120-page index.  I stopped short of providing comprehensive coverage of Sentencing Guidelines issues for reasons (I think satisfactorily) explained in the book’s forward.  There is more information about the book (and my background) on the TRIALDEX BLOG and TRIALDEX ABOUT pages.

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