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June 11, 2020

"Total Federal Inmates," as reported by BOP, drops another 1000 down to 163,441

This morning's check on the federal Bureau of Prisons' updated "Total Federal Inmates" numbers continue the extended pattern of big weekly drops in the overall numbers. In prior posts here and here, I have highlighted that, according to BOP's reporting, throughout the month of April the federal prison population was shrinking about 1,000 persons per week.  As we have been move from May into June, the new numbers at this webpage continue to show comparable weekly declines: the BOP reported population dropped from 167,803 (as of May 14, 2020) to 166,647 (as of May 21) to 165,575 (as of May 28) to 164,438 (as of June 4) and now a BOP reported total of 163,441.

I continue to fear that this persistent decline in total inmates is mostly a function of delays in the case-processing pipelines from COVIS shutdowns and that we will eventually see a (considerable?) a move upward in these numbers.  But maybe maybe we are still some ways from the bottom here and perhaps a much lower "new normal" for the federal prison population.  In the decade from 2006 to 2016, the BOP reported federal prison population averaged over 200,000 prisoners.  Would I be foolish to want to believe the decade of the 2020s might possibly see an average of under 150,000?  Could we dream of returning to the days of 1995 when the federal prison population was just 100,000?

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