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July 22, 2020

A midsummer reminder of all persons that Prez Trump has granted clemency to during the COVID-19 pandemic

Drum-roll please....:

Roger Stone

Sadly, that one name amounts to the full list of persons to receive a clemency grant from Prez Trump during the period in which, as detailed on this BOP page, nearly 100 federal prisoners have died and nearly 10,000 have been infected by COVID-19. 

I am not really surprised that Prez Trump has entirely failed to deliver on his promise back in March to look at freeing elderly "totally nonviolent" offenders from federal prisons amid the  pandemic.  But I figure now is as good a time as any to highlight again that Prez Trump could and should, via just a stroke of a pen, bring clemency relief to the many, many federal prisoners who, like Roger Stone, are older, medically vulnerable and present no clear risk to public safety. 

Because Prez Trump seems now eager to do some things differently in response to his sagging poll numbers, perhaps he should consider focusing in this realm on something a lot more popular than he is.  Specifically, I am talking about marijuana, while imagining the positive press Prez Trump would likely garner by granting clemency to the lifer marijuana offenders assembled at the Life for Pot website.  Prez Trump seems to like the adulation he received after his clemency grant to Alice Marie Johnson two years ago, and I am suggesting he might really get some political juice if he granted clemency to a number of older marijuana offenders.  (Notably, a number of voters in a number of swing states like Arizona and Florida and Michigan seemingly care a lot about marijuana issues.)

I fear that Prez Trump is unlikely to improve his clemency record anytime soon.  But that will not keep me from using this setting to urge him to see the value in trying to do so.

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Criminology student ( working toward degree in Public Affairs with Criminology concentration. Also, formerly incarcerated and working with orgs in AZ regarding reform and especially focused on incarcerated women and lack of DOC oversight

Posted by: Sue Braga | Jul 22, 2020 9:17:30 PM

We'd love to see clemency for those serving sentences of life without parole for marijuana. These sentences were largely given to those who were charged with conspiracy and went to trial. They received the trial penalty and conspiracy charges made them responsible for actions taken by others.

As they serve their life sentences, politicians, sports figures, people in the entertainment industry and many more are investing and profiting from the cannabis industry.

This is all happening while marijuana remains on the Controlled Substance At as a Schedule 1 Drug. Federally, marijuana is as illegal today as it was when these people were given life sentences.
There can be no integrity in the criminal justice system or the cannabis industry as long as these sentences stand.

Posted by: beth curtis | Jul 23, 2020 7:48:32 PM

An (old) AFPD here. Someone needs to collect the names and facts, if possible, of the prominent individuals given compassionate release, especially those outside of the BOP and Sentencing Commission policy statements and guidelines.

Collection two should be the extraordinary delays in commencing sentences--Duncan Hunter surrenders next year!--and the written position of the Government when the delay requests come.

Posted by: scott f tilsen | Jul 24, 2020 9:48:33 AM

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