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October 27, 2020

More great coverage of criminal justice players and issues on the 2020 ballot

In a few prior posts (here and here), I have flagged some effective reviews of many of the big races and issues appearing on state ballots this November.  I have now seen two more great accounts of the votes criminal justice fans should be following:

From The Appeal: Political Report, "Criminal Justice on the 2020 Ballot." The set up:

Thousands of prosecutors, sheriffs, governors, and attorneys general will be elected in 2020, on the heels of a series of wins by candidates who ran on fighting mass incarceration in 2019.  These offices set the policies that shape the prison population, the criminal legal system, cooperation with ICE, and much more.  This page features The Appeal: Political Report’s reporting and analyses of these often-overlooked but crucial elections.

From The Brennan Center for Justice, "Justice on the Ballot 2020." The set up:

With criminal justice on the ballot nationwide, we’ve compiled a list of 40 ballot initiatives and law enforcement electoral races worth watching on Election Day.  Our resource page provides short summaries of each criminal justice ballot initiative or race, with fresh and updated links to media coverage of the contests culled from reliable news sources.

From police oversight to immigration roundups in “sanctuary” jurisdictions, November’s election will have far-reaching consequences not just for federal criminal justice issues but also for state and local policies.  We hope our new page will serve as a handy guide leading up to Election Day and beyond to help you monitor key down-ballot races and causes.

UPDATE: I now see The Marshall Project has an additional new piece in this spirit headlined "7 States Where Voters Could Change the Future of Criminal Justice."

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