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December 30, 2020

Still more great new Politico Magazine coverage now on "Justice Reform: Reentry"

Earlier this year I noted in posts here and here that the Politico Magazine had produced a terrific collection of original articles on criminal justice reform issues under the headings "Justice Reform: The Decarceration Issue" and "Justice Reform: Prison Conditions."   Those article are still collected at this link, but they are now topped by another great new set of pieces under the heading "Justice Reform: Reentry."  Here are the great-looking new pieces under this heading with their full headlines:

How Thousands of American Laws Keep People ‘Imprisoned’ Long After They’re Released: Across the country, people with felony convictions face a daunting web of small obstacles to rebuilding normal lives. What will it take to fix?

5 New Policy Ideas for Fixing Life After Prison: Ex-prisoners can face a whole second sentence when they try to reenter society. Business, governments and nonprofits have ideas for how to make it easier.

A Journalist Who Spent Time Behind Bars Dishes on How He Rebuilt His Life: A revealing Q&A conversation about life after prison — by a journalist still serving time at Sullivan Correctional Facility.

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