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January 8, 2021

The new death penalty: Marshall Project reporting COVID has now killed more than 2000 prisoners in the United States

I am always sad to report when we pass yet another remarkable milestone in COVID prisoner deaths, but passing a new big ugly number prompts another one of my series of "new death penalty" posts.  The Marshall Project, which continues the critical job of counting via this webpage prisoner deaths from coronavirus, reports as of Thursday, January 8, 2021 that there are now "at least 2010 deaths from coronavirus reported among prisoners." 

Notably, just a month ago as noted in this post, the COVID prisoner death accounting was "only" at 1568 deaths.  So we have seen a huge uptick in prisoner deaths in just the last month (which is somewhat unsurprising because the same uptick has been seen in the general population).   Sadly, we are also seeing a big increase in correctional staff dying from COVID.  The Marshall Project now reports "at least 139 deaths from coronavirus reported among prison staff," when that number was "only" at 105 deaths as of last month. 

I highlighted here a few weeks ago some of the sound arguments being made that incarcerated persons should be high on the list of who first receives the COVID vaccines.  These latest data should further advance that notion.

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