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March 13, 2021

Are we soon going to start seeing notable judicial nominees from Prez Biden?

This past week was full of big accomplishements for the Biden Administration with the confirmation of Attorney General Merrick Garland and the passage of the big COVID relief bill.  And now, as we approach nearly two months into the new Administration, there is reason to expect we will start seeing Prez Biden announce some judicial nominations.  These recent press articles certainly are raising expections that nomination will be coming soon:

From Axios, "White House primes 'pipeline' of federal judges"

From Buzzfeed News, "Biden Is Considering History-Making Nominees For The Federal Courts"

From CNN, "Get ready for a raft of Biden court nominees"

From Law.com, "Biden's First Judicial Nominees Will Test His Commitment to Diversifying Courts"

As these articles help highlight, many folks are focused on whether and how Prez Biden will focus on racial and gender diversity in his judicial nominees.  And in this post at The Volokh Conspiracy, Josh Blackman wonders: "How old will President Biden's judicial nominees be? Which side of 50 will the nominees be on?".

Regular readers know that I will be rooting for judicial nomines with experience as defense attorneys to balance a federal judiciary now loaded with a disproportionate number of former prosecutors.  Long-time readers may recall that I was, as detailed in this post from Feb 2016, an advocate for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to be nominated by Prez Obama for the 2016 SCOTUS opening in part because of her history as a public defender and her time as a member of the US Sentencing Commission.  I am excited to see Judge Jackson being discussed as Prez Biden's likely first pick for the DC Circuit, I am am hopeful she will be just one of many judicial nominees with a notably different personal and professional background.

And, as I have stressed recently, we need great diverse picks to fill long-empty seats on the US Sentencing Commission.

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