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April 4, 2021

US Sentencing Commission may still lack a quorum, but now it has a podcast!

I am ever grumpy that the US Sentencing Commission has been without a quorum for well over two years (see here), while also being ever hopeful we will get new Commissioner nominees soon (see here and here).  But this past week I was ever pleased to see a notice at the US Sentencing Commission's website spotlighting "COMMISSION Chats: NEW PODCAST SERIES."  This USSC webpage explains:

Brought to you by the Office of Public Affairs, Commission Chats is a podcast series designed to inform the public of the Commission's objectives and work through interviews with senior leadership and other subject matter experts.  Listeners will hear about current projects directly from the staff bringing these projects to completion.

And here is the description of the first entry:

Commission Chats -- Episode 1 (MARCH 2021)

Episode 1: An Interview with Staff Director Ken Cohen In the pilot episode of Commission Chats, Kenneth Cohen, Staff Director of the Commission, discussed our core missions and gave some tips on how the Commission can make a new Hill staffer's life a bit easier. (Published March 30, 2021)


UPDATE: The USSC on Monday, April 5 posted Commission Chats -- Episode 2 (April 2021):

Episode 2: ORD Deputy Director Kristin Tennyson and the Interactive Data Analyzer (IDA) Go behind the scenes with IDA in this Commission Chats podcast episode!  Kris Tennyson, Deputy Director of the Office of Research and Data, talks about its development, how to best utilize it, and what the future holds for IDA. (Published April 5, 2021)

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