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August 21, 2021

Notable recent Prison Policy Initiative briefings on prison practices and their impacts

As I have said before, Prison Policy Initiative has many "briefings" related to prison policies and practices that are consistent must reads. Here I will flag some recent postings with post titles and summary intros:

"Unsupportive environments and limited policies: Pregnancy, postpartum, and birth during incarceration" by Leah Wang:

Making up for a serious gap in government data collection and understanding, researchers are discovering what pregnant incarcerated women should expect when they’re expecting (or when they give birth while in custody). Findings indicate that jails, prisons, and youth facilities have yet to adequately recognize pregnancy and postpartum needs either in policy or in practice.

"The Biden Administration must walk back the MailGuard program banning letters from home in federal prisons" by Wanda Bertram:

The Bureau of Prisons is considering a heartless, ineffective policy with far-reaching effects.

"New data: People with incarcerated loved ones have shorter life expectancies and poorer health" by Emily Widra:

Locking up the most medically vulnerable people in our society has created a public health crisis not just inside prison walls, but in the outside community and across the country: The health of individuals, families, and entire communities is clearly associated with incarceration.

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