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August 4, 2021

Still more great new content at great new Inquest website

blogged here last week about the launch of the great new website Inquest, which describes itself as "a forum for advancing bold ideas to end mass incarceration in the United States."  I have flagged here and here the first eight great essays at the site, and now I see these two more must reads:

From Nancy Gertner, "Unfinished Business: Reckoning with the lives of all the men I sent to prison is a necessary, though not sufficient, step to reckon with the untold harm of mass incarceration."

From Kay Whitlock & Nancy A. Heitzeg, "Unraveling Carceral Reach: The work of addressing harm without more prisons, police, and punitiveness is daunting. But it can be done. And it’s happening now."

UPDATE: Since my posting, once more notable commentary went up at Inquest:

From Kenithia Alston & Emanuel Powell, "The Other Gun Violence: Shifting the narrative and policies on gun violence to include killings by police may spare many families from the pain of losing loved ones.

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