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October 19, 2021

Recordings of "Understanding Drug Sentencing" symposium’s panels now available

Regular readers surely recall various prior posts promoting the terrific conference organized by the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center and the Academy for Justice which took place earlier this month on October 7-8, 2021, titled "Understanding Drug Sentencing and its Contributions to Mass Punishment."   I am now pleased to be able to report that Recordings for six of the Understanding Drug Sentencing symposium’s panels are now available on the event site here. You can also find recordings via the DEPC playlist on YouTube here.

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I cannot explain how frustrating it is to sit and listen to advocates talk about fixing the Judicial system and Mandatory Minimums and though, yes, that would definitely help but, every advocate misses the greatest problem we have in the Federal system. Which is locking people up for decades with absolutely no evidence. It drives me insane that advocates just skip over it, more concerned about Voting rights for prisoners (which I know for a fact, they don't give a damn, they want to go home and don't give a rat's azz about voting rights, who came up with that waste of time?) and separating crack from cocaine, which yes is important, but there is nothing more important than fixing our Government that is abusing our Constitutional rights everyday by pulling in people and charging them with NO EVIDENCE but the words of someone else pulled in for no evidence and call it conspiracy, without evidence of a conspiracy... When is someone going to fix this?
I have been waiting for someone to wake up and realize this is going on in this Country, but it seems they want to wait till it happens to their husband, wife or more likely, their teenager.
All's it takes is a friends of yours or your kids to be caught with the Feds and forced to plead guilty because of mandatory minimums or they are actually caught with drugs. They plead because they have too, and they coerced and pressured for big amounts they "saw" people deal to get a lighter sentence, which isn't much laughably. That's it. Then they go arrest those named people and the cycle goes on and on especially in Fort Worth Texas under their sad judges that allow this to happen in their court room. 36 years, 25 years, 16 years, sentences with no buys, no texts, no drugs, just words and then the words of a frightened person who is told 16 years is better than 40 years they will receive in trial because of all the enhancements they will add and GET.
FIX THIS. That will set free so many innocent people that are spending another Xmas in Federal prison most suffering significantly and no one cares, because they are convicted and plead guilty because they had no choice....-frustrated.

Posted by: Lee | Oct 20, 2021 4:55:02 AM

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