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January 30, 2022

In week two of implementation of FIRST STEP earned-time credits, federal prison population drops another 550

As noted in this prior post from two week ago, the Department of Justice earlier this month announced its new rule for implementing "the Time Credits program required by the First Step Act."  I noted that, with DOJ providing for retroactive application of these credits, we could expect to see a decline in the overall federal prison population.  A week later, as noted here, on the first day the federal Bureau of Prisons updated it total inmate count, there was reported a roughly 2.5% drop in the federal inmate population (down to 153,855 "Total Federal Inmates" on January 20, from a count of 157,596 on January 13).  

On January 27, 2022, BOP updated here its report of "Total Federal Inmates," and that number now reads at 153,293.  So, during what might be called week two of implementation of FIRST STEP earned-time credits, the federal prison population dropped more than an additional 550 prisoners.  That is a big drop, though also a big drop off from the week one decline of nearly 4000 inmates.  Because the federal prison population was steadily creeping up throughout most of 2021 — from a low of 151,646 inmates as of January 21, 2021 — it will be interesting to watch just where the federal prison population might be headed the rest of this year.  

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