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January 26, 2022

Some notable recent commentary on modern carceral stories

I have seen a variety of great new commentary on a number of notable carceral fronts.  Here is a quick round-up:

From The Hill by Jason Pye, "New head of prisons must embrace criminal justice reform"

From Inquest by Judah Schept, "Cages in the Coalfields: A growing carceral state has slowly replaced the coal industry in large swaths of Central Appalachia. But even here, a different future is possible."  

Also from Inquest, "Abolition Is Public Health: The largest public health professional organization in the U.S. took a stand against carceral systems as fundamentally antithetical to our nation's health. Here's why that matters."

From Slate by Eric Reinhart, "How Joe Biden Launched a New Prison Boom"

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