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April 4, 2022

No new SCOTUS cert grants, though three Wooden GVRs highlights ACCA's remaining wackiness

Based on a notable number of criminal law relists flagged here at SCOTUSblog by John Elwood, I was hoping there might be something interesting for sentencing fans on this morning's Supreme Court order list.  But the Justices today added no new cases to the SCOTUS docket. 

The Justices did GVR (grant, vacate, remand) three cases based on Wooden v. US (basics here, analysis here), which I suppose serves as a reminder that all federal courts will continue to struggle with how to apply the the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA) for the foreseeable future.  Sigh.  (A comment over at SCOTUSblog amusingly asked "Does sending back 3 cases for Wooden in the same order list count as one incident?"  The lawprof in me wants to correct the question to say "one occasion," but anyone who read this far likely gets the ACCA joke.)

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lol. I was stunned when a different law prof/ACCA super-fan referred to Wooden as being related to more than one "offense." It was an occasion to respectfully dissent.

Posted by: John | Apr 4, 2022 7:40:39 PM

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