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June 15, 2022

Nothing for sentencing fans as SCOTUS resolves six more cases (and increases end of Term drama)

With its usual end-of-Term rush, the Supreme Court issued five more opinions and a dismissal (DIG) this morning.  But no blockbusters or sentencing rulings were among the cases resolved today, and I do not believe there will be any more opinion days until next Tuesday (June 21). 

As I have suggested in prior posts, few should be surprised that the Second Amendment case and the abortion case (Bruen and Dobbs) have not yet been released.  I am expecting both the very last week of the Term.  But I am struck that a number of criminal/sentencing cases argued months ago have not yet been resolved.  I am now almost starting to expect something really notable could be coming in cases like US v. Taylor, and Concepcion v. US and Ruan v. US.  

Stay tuned.

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