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August 26, 2022

More notable details on the remarkable success of those released from federal prison under CARES Act

In this post on Monday, I flagged the NPR article which reported the remarkable fact that "only 17 people out of more than 11,000 who were released [early from federal prison under the CARES Act] committed new crimes, mostly drug related ones, while they were out."  Marshall Project reporter Keri Blakinger followed up this piece, as she explained on Twitter, by asking the federal Bureau of Prisons what those crimes exactly were.  BOP reported that 10 of the 17 were "drug related" and that only one of the 17 involved a violent offense ("aggravated assault"). 

In other words, depending on just how one wants to account for these data, it could be fair to say those released early from federal prison early under the  CARES Act had a better than 99.9% or even better than a 99.99% recidivism (or lack of recidivism) success rate.  Within a criminal justice system that often has all sort of folks lamenting all sorts of failures from all sorts of perspectives, I am so very eager to really lean into celebrating this extraordinary success.    

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Sorry, I don't believe it. I doubt any serious person believes it.

Posted by: Bill Otis | Aug 27, 2022 5:40:57 PM

This is very positive news. I certainly accept the data to be correct, as there is no data to counter or prove it wrong.

Interesting facts about cynicism: It is just so easy. Anyone can do it. Takes no brains, no courage, no insight, no nothing. All one needs to do is 'harrumph' a couple of times, and then utter: "I don't believe it".

Posted by: SG | Aug 29, 2022 3:14:57 AM

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