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August 16, 2022

Notable new polling on prison oversight and criminal justice reform attitudes

Via email I learned this morning that the organization FAMM released the results of a new national poll on various criminal justice questions.  The polling explored most fully prison oversight issues and the FAMM email about the poll stressed that "among other findings, an overwhelming 82% of respondents said they believe 'that states and the federal government should have a system of independent oversight for their prisons'."  Here are a couple of other key broader criminal justice findings from the poll:

-- 79% of respondents said that they think the criminal justice system "needs significant improvements"

-- 74% of respondents generally support "reforming the nation's criminal justice system"

The detailed poll findings about prison oversight are not easily summarized here, but they are discussed a bit more in this FAMM press release. (Notably and valuably, this survey was completed before last week's search of Mar-a-Lago.)

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