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April 28, 2023

Lengthy press series explores the modern history of the death penalty and executions in Arizona

Throughout this week, the Arizona Mirror has run a series of lengthy articles on the death penalty authored by journalist Michael Kiefer and defense attorney Dale Baich.  This set of pieces is called “Poorly Executed: How Arizona has failed at carrying out the death penalty,” which provides a sense of its main themes, and is described as "a five-part series exploring the modern history of the death penalty and executions in Arizona."  Here are headlines and links to the five pieces:

Part 1: Witness to an execution

Part 2: The ‘Golden Age of executions’ comes to an end

Part 3: IVs and ironies

Part 4: ‘The experiment failed,’ halting executions in Arizona

Part 5: The politics behind executions

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This story: A left wing journalist and a defense attorney find that the death penalty is a failure.

Next story: Dog bites man.


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