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April 6, 2023

New Oklahoma Attorney General formally moves to set aside Richard Glossip's capital conviction

As reported in this local article, Oklahoma "Attorney General Gentner Drummond is releasing the final report from Independent Counsel on the same day he has filed a motion to vacate the conviction of death row inmate Richard Glossip." Here is more:

The motion was filed with the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals (OCCA) three days after the Independent Counsel Rex Duncan submitted his findings from the comprehensive review ordered by Drummond. While the report did not declare Glossip is innocent, it documented multiple instances of error that cast doubt on the conviction, even though many of these issues have been previously addressed by the OCCA.

“The State has reached the difficult conclusion that justice requires setting aside Glossip’s conviction and remanding the case to the district court,” states the April 6 motion. Drummond said his final decision in this matter is based on a careful consideration of the law and what he deemed is in the best interests of justice....

Glossip has been on Oklahoma’s death row for nearly 25 years. He was initially charged with accessory to murder on Jan. 15, 1997, after the murder of his boss, Barry Van Treese. A co-worker of Glossip’s confessed to beating Van Treese to death in an Oklahoma City motel room. As part of a plea agreement to avoid the death penalty, the co-worker testified that Glossip offered to pay him for the killing.

As a result, Glossip was charged and eventually convicted of first-degree murder in 1998. The co-worker, who was the prosecution’s key witness against Glossip and the murderer of Van Treese, was convicted and received a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals later overturned Glossip’s conviction for ineffective assistance of counsel. He was convicted and sentenced to death again at a 2004 retrial.

With the Glossip case long dogged by doubt and controversy, Drummond sought answers shortly after taking office. He quickly learned that the State had long withheld a box of materials from Glossip’s defense team. Drummond promptly provided access to those materials, referred to as “Box 8,” and appointed an Independent Counsel to conduct a comprehensive review of the case. Box 8, and the findings from that review, formed much of the basis for the State’s motion to vacate Glossip’s conviction and remand to the district court....

The motion can be read here.

The Independent Counsel report can be read here.

As many readers of this blog likely know, Richard Glossip's case has long been in the headline not only because of his wrongful concviction claims, but also because he was the capital defendants whose Eighth Amendment challenges to certain lethal injection execution protocols were rebuffed in the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in Glossip v. Gross.

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What a wuss. Glossip is guilty as the original sin.

Posted by: federalist | Apr 7, 2023 7:20:35 AM

Isn't original sin something you get stuck holding the bag on despite not having done anything wrong?

Posted by: John | Apr 8, 2023 1:43:33 AM

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