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June 11, 2023

Another plug for Season 1 of "Drugs on the Docket" podcast

350x350bbIn this post last month, I flagged that the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center at The Ohio State University had just released Season One of a new podcast, "Drugs on the Docket."  All six episodes of this first season, each running under an hour, are now available on Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts and YouTube.   

As I have said before, in my (admittedly biased) view, the various curated discussions in this "Drugs on the Docket" podcast are all quite interesting and informative.  It has been particularly pleasing to have already heard a lot of positive feedback from fellow academics (both law profs and other profs), some of whom have said they are planning to incorporate the podcast content into their classes.  And, as I have also said before, because I am eager to see this podcast develop and audience (and also because my colleagues at DEPC have worked remarkably hard to put this content together), I am sure to keep using this space to encourage everyone to check out the first set of episodes.  

Once again, here is how the podcast subject matter is generally described via this podcast webpage:

Drugs on the Docket is a production of the Drug Enforcement and Policy Center (DEPC) at The Ohio State University. Each episode explores how U.S. court rulings — primarily those handed down from the Supreme Court — impact drug law and policy and continue to shape the War on Drugs.  Drugs on the Docket unpacks various ways courts have engaged with and responded to the opioid epidemic, police discretion, the sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine, and more.  The series, hosted by Hannah Miller, invites guests with expertise in criminal justice, drug policy, and drug enforcement to help us break down the sometimes complex and always interesting stories behind today’s drug law landscape.

Drugs on the Docket is produced by DEPC’s Service Engagement Project Manager Hannah Miller and Public Engagement Specialist Holly Griffin.  DEPC Executive Director Douglas A. Berman is our editorial advisor.  Music by Joe DeWitt.

Please check it out because it makes for great summertime listening.

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