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June 21, 2023

Interesting criminal justice news and notes from the GOP campaign trail

I have noted in a few prior posts that Florida Gov Ron DeSantis is criticizing former Prez Donald Trump for his support of FIRST STEP Act.  In the last few days, I have seen a a number of new notable press pieces and commentaries on this front:

From the Christian Broadcasting Network, "Ron DeSantis' Tough-on-Crime Agenda Targets Signature Trump Criminal Justice Reform Law"

From the Florida Phoenix, "DeSantis goes after Trump on federal criminal justice reforms, clashing over law-and-order front: But some conservatives take issue with DeSantis calling for repeal of Trump’s 'First Step Act' in Congress"

From Politico, "DeSantis takes aim at Trump’s signature criminal justice reform law: He voted in favor of an earlier version of it when he served in Congress."

From Newsweek, "DeSantis is Wrong for Attacking Trump's First Step Act"

On a slightly different but related front, Fox News aired another segment of former Prez Trump's interview with Bret Baier during which Trump was bragging about granting clemency to Alice Marie Johnson until Baier noted she would be subject to execution under Trump's call for the death penalty for drug dealers.  As the video shows, Trump stumbled through his response, as noted in a number of press pieces:

From The Hill, "Trump calls for death penalty for drug dealers; Fox’s Baier notes it would apply to woman he championed"

From The Independant, "Trump stumbles when Fox host tells him his plan to execute drug offenders would include people he pardoned"

And, on the topic of clemency, it appears that former VP Mike Pence is eager to go after his former running mate's clemency record:

From Fox News, "Top Pence staffer condemns Trump's last-minute pardons for 'cocaine traffickers,' family members"

Interesting times.

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