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November 6, 2023

Just a few of many press pieces previewing SCOTUS argument in Rahimi Second Amendment case

Regular readers know that right after the Supreme Court's big 2022 Second Amendment decision Bruen, I have suggested that a number of broad federal criminal firearm prohibitions are now constitutionally suspect (see, eg, early posts here are here).  After Second Amendment challenges started producing mixed outcomes in lower federal courts, SCOTUS finally selected US v. Rahimi to be the first case to adumbrate how Bruen is to be applied to at least one form of federal firearm possession criminalization.   Oral argument in Rahimi is tomorrow morning (Nov 7), and here is a partial round-up of some argument previews from various press sources:

From the New York Times, "Texas Man at Center of Supreme Court Case Says He No Longer Wants Guns"

From Roll Call, "Supreme Court to hear arguments in case that could limit Congress on gun control"

From SCOTUSblog, "Court to hear major gun-rights dispute over domestic-violence restrictions"

From USA Today, "A blockbuster gun rights case lands at the Supreme Court. Here are three justices to watch."

From the Washington Post, "Supreme Court weighs impact of gun ruling on domestic-abuse protections"

A few prior related posts:

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OT, but Interesting. Something you'll never see here.

Posted by: federalist | Nov 7, 2023 9:42:21 AM

OT. but something readers may find interesting:


Posted by: federalist | Nov 7, 2023 10:16:44 AM

federalist: I just blogged a new CCJ report about shoplifting data from two dozen cities and I often blogged about all sort of crime data (usually multiple times per month even though this is a sentencing blog). If you start a blog to cover crime data more, I'll be interested in reading it.

As for the Senate resolution on the CARES front, I have heard diverse reports about its prospects. I was holding off on blogging that story until I had a better sense of whether the resolution really had legs (and, candidly, I am not quite sure how such resolutions function as a matter of law).

Posted by: Doug B | Nov 7, 2023 10:48:10 AM

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