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March 3, 2024

Catching up another time with a round-up post covering wide array of topics

Another few busy weeks (both past and upcoming) leads me to want to catch up on some notable pieces that have caught my recently through another eclectic, round-up post.  So here goes:

From the AP, "Biden backed off a pledge to abolish the federal death penalty. That’s left an opening for Trump"

From the Boston Herald, "The prison system needs a theory of change"

From the Colorado Sun, "A “breathtaking” request: Colorado’s public defenders say they need 230 more attorneys to provide effective counsel"

From Fox News, "Biden running out of time to fulfill 2020 campaign pledge to abolish federal death penalty"

From Inquest, "Graying in Prison: There's no aging with dignity for people serving extreme sentences."

From JD Supra, "The Imperative for Outlawing 'Acquitted Conduct Sentencing'"

From ProPublica, "What Happens When Prosecutors Offer Opposing Versions of the Truth?"

From The Vera Institute, "Cheap Jail and Prison Food Is Making People Sick. It Doesn’t Have To."

From the Wall Street Journal, "Oregon Decriminalized Hard Drugs. Now It’s Reversing Course."

From Westside Current, "11 Candidates Battling George Gascón to Become LA County's Top Prosecutor"

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